Chromebooks | Getting Started

Get stared with your FVTC issued Chromebook
Now that you have been granted a Chromebook to help you finish your term in 2020, we want you to get started in four quick steps!

Click on each Step for complete instructions!
And scroll to the bottom for more info on your Chromebook.

Use this link to unpack, and connect up the Chromebook!
 Unpack your Chromebook
Use this link to learn how to get a Google Account sign-in and password!
 Sign up for a Google Account
Use this link to get access to a Virtual Windows 10 Desktop - just like a computer in an FVTC Lab!
 Connect to Citrix
This link will walk you through the steps to save your work using OneDrive 
Image of a Floppy Disc for step 4 

Have more questions?  
Contact us at the helpdesk:   
920.735.5644 or

Or scroll down this list for more tips (P.S. - These links look and work better in Google Chrome)

How do I log out of the Virtual Desktop?

There are just a few quick steps to get you on your way.

  1. You can either go in your Windows Desktop,
    Click on the Start menu,
    Click on the avatar (circled in yellow)
    And click on sign out

    Screen Shot to the Windows 10 log off link in Citirx or really any Windows 10 computer

  2. OR you can go to the top of the page where you see this triangle (which is right below your camera) and click on it

    Screen shot of top of Citirx window

  3. And then click on the X that appears in the sub-menu.

    Screen Shot of X to close out you Citrix remote desktop

  4. Finally, the Citrix Workspace application can be closed, by click on the X in the top right corner

    Screen Shot of the X to close out of the Citirx Workspace app

How do get back in to the Virtual Desktop?

Now that you have the app installed, you can get to it like any app on your Chromebook.

  1. Click on the circle on the far left....

    Screen Shot of search feature in Chromebooks

  2. Or look to see if you have this set of icons.

    Screen Schot of another way to search for stuff on your Chromebook

  3. In the search area type, "Citrix" and you should get prompted with the Citrix Workspace app in your results.

  4. Click on the icon and it should ask you to sign back in!

How can I make that Citrix Workspace app stay as an icon on the screen, like short cut?

While you can always search for Citrix Workspace, it's much easier to PIN IT to the bottom of your Chrome book screen, or what Google calls the shelf!

  1. First launch or start up Citrix Workspace to you can see the icon in the Shelf.

  2. Then move and hover your cursor over the icon and use two fingers and tap on your little touchpad

    Photo of two fingers on the touchpad.  Yeah, we know that seems obvious, but, we just wanted to take a picture of our fingers

  3. Two fingers is a "Right Click" on a Chromebook, and it should give you this menu

    Screen shot of the Pin feature after doing a right click

  4. Select the Pin  option and that icon will stay put!

How can I save stuff on a USB Thumb Drive?

We do recommend that you use OneDrive, to save your files as shown above in Step #4,  ((Chromebooks | Save-Up ))  but if you have to use a USB drive to save something in Citrix, try this link for more information: Chromebooks | USB Access using Citrix Workspace

Do you have any more help online for using Citrix?

We sure do!  Use this link to learn more:

Just be aware that many students use Google Chrome on a regular PC or Mac laptop to access Citirx -- so some of the information might seem different. The Citrix Workspace on your Chromebook lets you get into your Virtual Desktop easily on your Chromebook -- but, yes there are other ways to access that too!

So I see there is a Google Chrome icon, can I use that?

Absolutely!  While you'll see Chrome is also in the Virtual Desktop, you might just need to look up something about an assignment in Blackboard or maybe check your email quick.

You can use the icon to get to any website for research or other access.

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