Chromebooks | USB Access using Citrix Workspace

Use these steps to pass USB devices and thumb drives to your Citrix Virtual Desktop on your Chromebook.
This is a first time setting - that once set -- any USB devices should work, or "pass-through" to your Citrix Environments.
  1. Insert your USB device in the Chromebook

  2. You might see the following screen pop-up. 
    If you can, click on Open Settings which will take you to Step 8
    If not, follow to Step 3!

    Screen Shot of the settings pop up

  3. Click on your Time in the lower right corner.

  4. Click on the Settings gear icon.

  5. Click on Device on the right side of the screen.

    Screen Shot of Devices link on settings

  6. Click on Storage Management.

    Screen Shot of Device Mangement link

  7. Click on External Storage Preferences.

    Screen Shot of Exteranal Storage Preferences

  8. Click on the switch to turn it blue -- so it is enabled

    Screen Shot of USB switch that needs to be turned on

  9. Then you'll want to remove the USB device -- if it is a thumb drive, do the following.
    All other devices can be unplugged and skip to Step 12.

    Click on the Round dot in the left corner and search for Files.

  10. Click on the Files icon.

    Screen Shot of Files icon

  11. Click on the Eject Button next to the USB drive.

    Screen Shot of eject button

  12. Launch Citrix Workspace

  13. Click on the Settings gear icon in the top right corner

    Screen Shot of citrix settings icon

  14. Click on Settings.

    Screen Shot of Settings link

  15. Click on Advanced.

    Screen Shot of Advanced Link

  16. Click on Use Device Storage

    Screen Shot of Use Device Settings link

  17. Select Full Access.

    Screen Shot of Full Access radio button

  18. Verify that Full Access is listed under Use Device Storage

    Screen Shot of full access enabled in Use Device Storage

  19. Then access your virtual desktop normally.

  20. Plug in your USB device.

  21. If it is a thumb drive or file storage --you should see the device appear in This PC.
    If it is another type of device, the software should now recognize that device.

    Screen Shot of of USB storage device in This PC in Citrix

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