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This is Step 4 to get your Chromebook running: Save-up with OneDrive

PLEASE NOTE!!! The Windows 10 Virtual Desktop SHOULD automatically log you in to OneDrive to save your files.  If not, read on!

Now that you have your Chromebook set-up, logged in and you're on the Virtual Desktop -- make sure you take ONE more step, so you can SAVE your stuff!

You'll use OneDrive to do this and you'll need to make sure you do this step each time you log in!
  1. First in your Virtual Desktop Window, look in the bottom right corner and click on the small arrow and click on the blue OneDrive icon.
    NOTE: If the icon is all blue without the cross-line on it, you're already signed in.  Skip to Step 5

    Screen Shot of the File Explorer link

  2. Click on Sign-In

    Screen Shot of the Sign in box

  3. Add in your Student ID number and

    Screen Shot of the box to enter you ID number

  4. Enter your password. click on Sign in and then follow the steps on screen.
    You can go ahead and click on all Next buttons and Accept buttons to complete the process.

    Screen Shot of the password entry box

  5. To get to your OneDrive files, look at the bottom left corner of the screen and the File Explorer icon

    Screen Shot of the File Explorer location

  6. It likely will default to the "This PC" option as shown below.

    Screen Shot of the the File Explorer on This PC

  7. Make sure that your File Explorer lists "One Drive - Fox Valley Technical College"  - then you know these are YOUR files!

  8. THEN!  when you save your stuff, in Word for instance, follow these steps:
    In Word, click on File and then Save As
    Then we recommend clicking on "Browse"

    Screen Shot of the Save As screen in Word

  9. You'll see it goes again to the same This PC option

    Screen Shot of the window going to This PC

  10. So click again on OneDrive - Fox Valley Technical College on the left side

    Screen Shot of the clicking on the OneDrive link

  11. Then you add in your name of your file and click on SAVE!

    Screen Shot of the text box where you enter your Fiel name

  12. NOTE: If you need to upload files to Blackboard - simply open the Chrome browser, log into Blackboard and then select the "Browse my computer" option to use the steps above!

  13. Now, click on this link to go back to our Getting Started page to find more links to other helps and tips for your Chromebook!

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