K12 Dual Credit Technology Orientation & Online Help

Welcome to Fox Valley Technical College, we’re excited to have you join us on our K12 Dual Credit team. Here are a few things to know to access the college’s technology and systems.


Your FVTC Login / ID

You will use the nine-digit FVTC ID number you received in your welcome emails to access all of our systems, resources and technology here at FVTC. 

  • When signing in, you’ll typically use your FVTC ID NUMBER + @fvtc.edu
  • For example:  123456789@fvtc.edu

If you do not know this number, please call the FVTC Helpdesk during normal operating hours: 920.735.5644

Your FVTC Password

Once you have your ID number, you’ll need to set the password for your account.

  1. Start herewww.fvtc.edu

  2. Then click Staff

    Staff link screen shot

    NOTE:  While not recommended, if you're on a mobile device, click on "Menu"

    Screen shot menu on mobile

    Then click on Staff

    Screen shot of mobile staff link

  3. Then click Reset Password

    Screen shot of reset link

  4. Here you’ll enter your FULL ID NUMBER + @fvtc.edu
    NOTE: It will say “Enter your email address” which is why we ask you to enter the entire number + @fvtc.edu (e.g. 123456789@fvtc.edu)

    Screen shot of Entering Email address/ FVTC ID

  5. You will be asked to verify your account with an email or personal phone number you provided on your initial job application.

    Screen shot of confirming your number

  6. Enter the code you get texted, email, and called with.

    Screen shot of entering code

  7. Set your Password and click on Finish
    NOTE:  Password requirements are 12 to 24 characters, and 3 out of 4 of the following criteria:
    > Capital Letter
    > Small Letter
    > Number 
    > Symbol

    Screen shot of setting password boxes

Please note, if you do not have a number listed, or it says “Office Phone” you will need to call the FVTC Helpdesk during normal operating hours: 920.735.5644 to add in your correct info.

Setting up Microsoft MFA (two-factor authentication)

Microsoft MFA at FVTC

Fox Valley Technical College is deploying a new security feature called Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (Microsoft MFA) for all of our accounts. Multi-Factor Authentication adds a safe and secure two-step verification method to enhance the protection of your personal information and online accounts.

In addition to providing your online credentials (username and password), you will need to complete an additional two-step verification method to access certain Fox Valley Technical College online systems that may contain your secure personal, educational, or financial information. These two-step verification methods can be your choice of a range of authentication methods such as phone call, text message, mobile app notification, or one-time password (OTP).

Installing the Microsoft Authenticator app video walk-through thumbnail
CLICK HERE for a brief walkthrough video to install and setup the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone


How to manage or update your Microsoft MFA Authentication Methods

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Setting up Duo (two-factor authentication)

To protect your account, as well as protecting our student’s information, FVTC uses two-factor authentication to verify many of your system sign-ins. 
Your bank or credit card companies may use similar systems to verify when you sign in to those sites as well.

FVTC uses a highly regarded system called “Duo.”  

PLEASE NOTE! BEFORE YOU BEGIN: You will need to have a valid FVTC ID number and password.

Download the App

We highly recommend downloading the Duo app for the best user experience.  It can be found in both iTunes and Google Play Stores.

The logo looks like this: 

Duo app logo

If you choose not to download the app, you would set up your cell phone as a landline.

Set up your Duo Account

Step 1: Go to staff.fvtc.edu and sign in with your FVTC ID number and password.

Step 2: Click on the Complete Duo Enrollment button.

Step 3: Click Start Setup to begin.

Step 4: Choose the device you would like to enroll, either as a mobile device or land line.

Phone options for Initial Duo Setup
If you decided to use the APP (MOBILE DEVICE)
If you decided to use a LANDLINE
  1. Type Your Phone Number
  2. Select what type of phone you have
  3. Click Continue
  4. Click Finish Enrollment
  5. Leave the option "Ask me to Choose an Authentication Method"
  1. Type Your Phone Number
  2. Click continue
  3. Click Finish Enrollment
  4. Leave the option "Ask me to Choose an Authentication Method"

Duo Tips

  • FImage of a Duo fobor the best experience, we highly recommend using a smart phone.  However, it is not required. 

  • You can use landline phones, such as your FVTC desk phone, a personal home landline or cell phone. We recommend having multiple options.

  • IF NONE OF THESE OPTIONS ARE CONVENIENT: You can request a hardware token (shown here), which will generate a unique code for your login attempts. 
    • Request one by calling the helpdesk: 920-735-5644.

How do I get in?

  • Access your MyFVTC Account 
    • Append mode is used when there is no button to send a push or text box to enter a duo passcode.
      It uses this pattern when you enter your password:  Your Password -- A Comma -- Then a command or code

       Example:  MyPassword,push Example:  MyPassword,123456 Example:  MyPassword,phone1

      Additional append mode information can be found on the official Duo Website here

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?  helpdesk@fvtc.edu or 920.735.5644


Additional Duo information can be found at our main Duo Support site:  https://kb.fvtc.edu/Duo



Your Access to your Blackboard Account

Blackboard (Bb) is our primary online class resource for all of your classes, assignments, test and projects. 

Your instructional department contact will be your primary resource for the curriculum in Bb.

You can also use our Blackboard Team, located in the Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE) as a great resource for all of your instructional and Blackboard related questions.

Contact the Bb team for specific question on Blackboard use at online@fvtc.edu

  1. To access Blackboard, start here www.fvtc.edu

  2. Click Staff

    Staff link screen shot

    NOTE:  If you're on a mobile device, click on "Menu"

    Screen shot menu on mobile

    Then click on Staff

    Screen shot of mobile staff link

  3. Click on Blackboard

    Screen shot of blackboard login

  4. Click on Student / Staff Login

    Screen shot of student staff login button

  5. Next you’ll enter you nine-digit FVTC ID number, + @fvtc.edu

    Screen shot of entering ID number + @fvtc.edu

  6. Enter your FVTC password.

    Screen shot of password sign in

  7. You’ll then be prompted to verify you account login.

    Screen shot of duo options

  8. We recommend clicking on the green “Send Me a Push” button and your Duo app will receive a notification that you’re trying to sign in.

  9. Click on the Green check on your Duo app when it pops up.

    Screen shot of mobile phone push

  10. PLEASE NOTE!  If you have already signed in and do the steps above you may NOT be prompted for a password or a Duo prompt since you have already signed in to our systems in a web browsing window.

  11. Your courses will appear in the top left corner as shown below.

    Screen shot of sample courses where you're an instructor

  12. If you do not see any courses, please contact your FVTC instructional contact for help, or call Kam Mischler at 920.735.2563

Your Access to your MyFVTC Account

This system contains all of our student information, and will be the spot you enter your final grades for your class.

  1. To access MyFVTC Account, start here www.fvtc.edu

  2. Click Staff

    Staff link screen shot

    NOTE:  If you're on a mobile device, click on "Menu"

    Screen shot menu on mobile

    Then click on Staff

    Screen shot of mobile staff link

  3. Click MyFVTC Account

    Screen shot of MyFVTC Account button

  4. Sign in with your nine-digit FVTC ID Number + @fvtc.edu

    Screen shot of My FVTC Signin

  5. Enter your FVTC password.

  6. Duo should automatically send a push to the app on your phone

  7. Click on the Green check on your Duo app when it pops up.

    Screen shot of mobile phone push
  8. If you have issues accessing MyFVTC because you don’t get a push, and you get a “User ID and password is incorrect” error, Duo just might be timing out. 
    We’d recommend using Append mode if needed. 
    Use these instructions for more help:  https://kb.fvtc.edu/DuoAppend

  9. Click on Faculty Center

    Screen Shot of Faculty Center Icon

  10. Click on MySchedule to find your current class list.

    Screen shot of MySchedule

  11. Click on the icons to the left of your course name for Class Rosters and Grade Rosters (final grades), which are underlined in purple below.
    NOTE:  The icon list is across the top, but the actual links are to the left of your course name

    Screen Shot of roster icons

  12. If you're not seeing your class or classes, you may have to verify you're on the right academic term.
    Click on Change Term if the term listed is incorrect

    Screen Shot of Change Term


Still Need Technical Help?

During the school year, our FVTC Helpdesk is available for help from 7am to 5pm Central Time, Monday through Thursday and until 4pm on Fridays (Summer hours are 7am to 4pm Monday through Friday)

Please note that we have extended support hours the week before fall and spring terms start, and continue those extended hours for about 2 weeks after the first scheduled day of classes.

Our number is 920.735.5644 or email us at helpdesk@fvtc.edu

Our office is located on the Appleton Main Campus in room A120


Still Need Assistance?
Contact our Helpdesk at helpdesk@fvtc.edu or  920.735.5644

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