Student Email Info & FAQs

FVTC Students can use these helpful tips to efficiently check their FVTC email.

In an effort to improve communication between FVTC and program students,
FVTC offers college-based ( email addresses for all Program Students


Your email account will be active when you are ADMITTED to a program, NOT when you apply.

Once admitted, the FVTC email address will be set as your preferred email account.

You can easily access your account by:
ADDING your FVTC account to your mobile device, 
ADDING your account to an existing mail program you're already using 
or ADDING a bookmark to your browser.

I get my FVTC messages sent to my personal email on a phone, how can I get my FVTC email now?

You can use the built in Mail app on both iPhones and Android devices very easily.  Then you can see all of your email in one spot.

The following images are from an iPhone, but the setup is very similar on your Android device

.iPhone Mail Icon

  1. Go to your settings on your device.
    iPhones Settings Icon

  2. Locate where you can add new accounts. 
    For iPhones this is "Accounts and Passwords." 
    For Android devices this is "Add Account." 

    Passwords and Accounts link on an iPhone

  3. Select "Exchange" as the Account type:
    For iPhones look for the "Exchange" logo.
    For Android devices look for the "Corporate" logo or "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync" logo.

    Add Account Information Screen on iPhone

  4. Enter in your full student ID number, followed by "" as shown:

    Email Information Sign in on iPhone

  5. Then you can see all of your accounts in one spot:

    All email accounts are now in one spot

If you need the server name, please use  
That is for inbound and outbound mail.

Or, feel free to download this Quick Guide to add your email to your mobile device (pdf).

I get my FVTC email at work, how can I get my FVTC email now?

Talk with your employer's IT department.  If you currently use Outlook at your work to view that account, you might be able to add the FVTC account to monitor right in the same window.  

Outlook does allow for multiple accounts to be monitored. But each employer may have different rules.  

If you need the server name, please use  
That is for inbound and outbound mail.

If that doesn't work, see below for how to access your email in an open web browser you use.

I get my FVTC email when I check my personal account using the web, how can I get my FVTC email now?

Many web browsers, like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome allow you to set favorites or have your home page open into multiple tabs.  See below for more ways to quickly access your FVTC Mailbox, easily and efficiently. 

Are there any other ways to get my email on my phone?

Another option is to download the Outlook app from your iTunes or Google Play stores.  Then you can add all of your accounts, your FVTC, Google, Yahoo and others into one app and see all your accounts in one spot. 

Why is FVTC changing the way I'm used to getting my email?

The College is making the change for program students only, effective on January 7, 2019.  

One of the main reasons to provide better accountability for emails being sent and received.  We are seeing many email providers classifying the forwarded emails to be spam or junk emails -- and then you can potentially be missing important college and class communications.

Another reason is consistency.  Many instructors already require students to use FVTC email for class communication.  This creates a consistent policy for all program students. 

I still have questions, who can I contact?

The FVTC Helpdesk can be contacted for assistance with setting up your phone, your office computer or even walking you through options to set-up your browser.  Contact us at: or 920-735-5644

Any feedback on the policy can be directed to Brent Schuettpelz at: and he can follow-up with the project team on your behalf.

Who can get a FVTC email account?

  • Program students - All program students will have their FVTC email address set as preferred.  They will NOT be able to change their preferred email address to a personal email address in MyFVTC anymore.  We hope this change will improve communication with students at FVTC.  Please note this will only impact students currently admitted in a program at FVTC.

  • General public (Personal Professional Development (PPD)) – PPD students will no longer be assigned a campus email address.  They will retain the ability to select their preferred email address and will use a personal address for their classes.  

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