Chromebooks | Connect-Up

This is Step 3 to get your Chromebook running: Connect-up

You're almost ready to access FVTC computer resources just like in our labs!

  1. Click on the circle on the left, or the search bar in the middle and type in "Play" in a search box to get to the Google Play Store
    PLEASE NOTE!  If you do NOT see the Play Store
    --- please use this link:  Chromebook | Reset your chromebook to like new

    Screen Shot of searching for Google Play Store

  2. Once in the Play Store, search for "Citrix Workspace" and click on the icon.

    Screen Shot of seaching for citrix workspace

  3. Then click on Install

    Screen Shot of Citrix Worksapce installer

  4. When complete, you'll see the button change to Open

    Screen Shot of Workspace install saying open

  5. As it installs you might get a few questions like this one:

    Screen Shot of of questions prompted by Citrix

    We do recommend you "Allow" this first one -- but the next three prompts (for accessing your Google Phone, to record audio and know your location) are up to you.

  6. Click on Get Started

    Screen Shot of Get Started button

  7. On the next prompt you get -- you MUST enter in your nine-digit student ID number followed by
    For example, as shown in our example:

    Screen Shot of first Citrix prompt to enter in your ID followed by

  8. Then you'll be prompted again - this time with a password.  Here you ONLY enter your ID number and password.

    Screen Shot of next sign in for JUST your FVTC ID

  9. After some spinning, you should see the following screen:

    Screen Shot of Citrix signin

  10. Look for the Desktop icon in the middle top

    Screen Shot of Desktop icon on top of page

  11. Then click on Windows 10 General (or any other desktop you might see highlighted for your program).

    Screen Shot of Desktop General log on

  12. Eventually you will see a Windows 10 desktop presented on your screen!
    You might also see a Paper Cut prompt -- simple click cancel

    Screen Shot of Paper Cut pop-up

  13. Now you're ready to to to the next step:  Click here to go to Step 4: Save-Up!

    Or return to our main screen:  Chromebooks | Getting Started

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