Chromebooks | Hook-Up

This is Step 1 to get your Chromebook running: Hook-up

Let's start by taking a look at what's inside the box you just received!

  1. When you open the box, you should see the Chromebook, a power cable, a connector cable and some papers.

    Picture of contents of box.

  2. Keep the green sheet for reference to call Acer if you need help with the Chromebook working correctly.

    Closeup of the Acer help number, 1-866-661-7100

  3. Your Chromebook might need a charge.  Connect the two cables together.

    Picture of the Power Cables and how they connect

  4. Then plug in on the right hand side, in the slot closest to the hinge.
    The other plug goes into your power plug on the wall.

    Picutre of the side of the Chromebook and the connections

    Those other plugs, include HDMI, USB and a headphone jack.
    The light should turn orange (if needing a charge) and blue (when fully charged).

  5. Press the Power Button in the top right corner of the keyboard

    Picture of the power button on keyboard

  6. Click on Let's go when prompted.

    Screen Shot of "Get Started" button

  7. You should then get prompted to connect to your Wifi
    Select the appropriate Wifi Network for you. 
    (Names might be different and you may or may not get prompted for a password next)

    Screen Shot of a wifi prompt

  8. Accept the Agreement 

    Screen Shot of Google licensing agreeemment

  9. Now it's time to Click here to go to Step 2:  SIGN-UP!

    Or Return to the Main Page:  Chromebooks | Getting Started

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