Using the Scan-X Scanner - Scanning Exposed Plates

Learning how to scan Exposed Plates, using the Scan-X scanner

Scanning Exposed Plates #2 Size Plates

  • Check that all plate guides on ScanX machine are labeled for #2 size plates.
    • Make sure the Scan-X machine is powered up
    • Log into Eaglesoft (ES)
  • Click on the Patient button
    • Type in the name of patient
    • Click on the Use button, at the bottom
    • Click on either the X-ray machine (left side) or the bitewing radiograph on the computer screen (behind the patient chair)
  • From bottom left side of screen under New Exams, click on the template that matches the plates you exposed ( ex. FMX Horz 18)
    • NOTE: Empty template orientation of films is OPPOSITE of how they appear in mount so horizontal will appear as a vertical plate and vertical will appear as horizontal
  • Click Acquire on the tool bar at the top. 
    • ScanX Preview screen will appear
  • Click Start button on bottom left of ScanX Preview screen
    • Make sure it says: intraoral standard
  • Check ScanX machine buttons, on either the top of the machine or the touch screen, which will all be Green which means it will accept plates to be scanned
  • Open barrier of plate labeled # 1
  • Hold plate by edges and put plate into the far left guide on the ScanX machine with the lettering facing out and the small "a" going into the machine first
    • Green light on ScanX machine, or on thouch screen, will turn yellow, indicating that slot is busy, and cannot be used again until indicator light turns green again.  
  • Open barrier of plate labeled #2 and place in second guide moving in order from left to right on ScanX machine. 
    • There are 4 slots that can be used to accept the plates.
    • Plates MUST be put into the ScanX machine in the order of template (1-18 for a FMX)
    • As plates are scanned you can watch the progress on the computer screen, left side black screen of the ScanX Preview screen
    • As plates scan, they erase so the plates will be ready for the next patient
  • When all 18 plates have been scanned click Finished
  • Images will populate the template

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