FVTC Password & Login Change - Spring 2022

This page is intended to explain the change to FVTC Passwords

FVTC Is upgrading our password and login services to better protect your identity and college systems.

Please read on for more information on the change.

What does the new login look like?

When you begin to log into many of our systems, you should see a page like this:

This is our new login page for FVTC email, Blackboard access and many FVTC Applications.

You will need to add @fvtc.edu after your login.

Students:  123456789@fvtc.edu

Staff:  userID@fvtc.edu 

New FCTC Azure login

How do I set my STAFF password now?

You will continue to use this link:  www.fvtc.edu > Staff > Reset Password

The look will be different, as you no longer will have to enter a security question and answer. 

Once you complete the following Captcha, you'll be directed to send codes to a current phone or email on your staff account to reset your password:

Azure password log in page

I got an email asking me to update my info.  Is that legit?

If you received an email the afternoon of Friday, February 18, sent from the helpdesk@fvtc.edu with the Subject line:  FVTC Password Follow-up, YES, THAT CAME FROM US AND IS LEGIT.  

The purpose of that email was to guide you to updating your personal info so the next time you need to update your password, your information will be accurate.

If you got something different, please give us a call first to verify the email.  920.735.5644

How can I update my personal info to update my password more easily next time?

Please follow the quick steps below to update your information, so your future password resets will be easier for you to do:

  • Go to this site:   https://staff.fvtc.edu
  • Log in with your current password.
  • Click on Update Contact Methods.
  • Follow the prompts to update that information.
  • Once logged in, look for the security info box:
    Security Info box in Microsoft account

Our system may prompt you to use an “Office Phone,” and we realize many of you do not have such a number, which is why we recommend doing these steps now BEFORE your password expires.

Why am I being asked to register my information?

Very similar to how Duo needs your information to connect your account, the new password tool through Microsoft will need similar verification.

While some of your data from HR will pull through, in order to let you set the information you are comfortable with, this will be a separate entry from your official HR record.

What if I don't have access to my contact information when I try to set a password?

Please call the helpdesk: 920.735.5644

Our techs will be happy to assist you.

Can I update my information to reset my password on my own?

Yes, you can use the online tool to do this:

Self-Service Password Reset Tool

You can do this at any time on your own.  And if you still have issues, please call our helpdesk at 920.735.5644

Will our STUDENTS see a password change?

No, not at this time.

Students will continue to use this link:  www.fvtc.edu > Current Students > Reset Password (this tool remains the same)

They can also use links on MyFVTC and other places they normally reset their password.

Some systems may route to the new staff login, but an error screen will direct them to the CORRECT password reset too.

NOTE: Students will likely see a similar change in the future, but we will communicate that at a later date.

Do I HAVE TO change my password?

No.  Your current password will remain when we make this change.

When are you making this change?

The change on our systems will be converted on the morning of Wednesday, February 2.

Why are we making this change NOW?

We are making this change to better accommodate for current security concerns, as well as prepare our passwords for future systems the college will be using.

The new system also allows us to better handle downtime issues, by making sure your password will work even if our FVTC systems experience issues.

I still have questions.  Who should I contact?

We are happy to follow-up:  helpdesk@fvtc.edu or 920.735.5644

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