Mitel | Twinning - Use your personal cell phone like an office phone

The Mitel feature known as Twinning is a great way to make your cell phone work like your desk phone while keeping your personal cell number PRIVATE!

Twinning is the feature that allows calls made to your work number to be answered on your cell phone.  Twinning will also allow you to make phone calls from the MiCollab client that will use your cell phone while displaying the caller ID from your work number instead of your cell number.  This is performed by dialing a number on the MiCollab client.  The FVTC phone system will place two calls.  The first call is to your cell phone, then it will call the dialed number and connect the two calls.  Twinning uses cell service, not data or WiFi.

To request Twinning:

Submit a Service Desk Plus request to configure your work number for Twinning.

 First click here:  Then click here:
  Click on Hardware  Click on Twinning

How to turn Twinning On and Off:

To enable/disable Twinning from your desk phone:

  1. After IT completes the request, your desk phone will have a button labeled as Cell On/Off 
     Picture of Soft Keys on phone showing Cell on/off 
  2. If it doesn’t say ON, click the button to the left of Cell On/Off.  This will toggle when calls are, or are not, routed to your cell phone.  

To enable/disable Twinning from your MiCollab client:

  1. Open the MiCollab client on your PC, or go to  
  2. In the upper right corner, click on your name  
  3. Select the status that has the term Twinning listed.  Depending on what features are enabled, you may have more than one option to choose from.

 ***NOTE:  The MiCollab Status is the preferred way to control when Twinning is On or Off.***

How to answer incoming work calls using Twinning:

When a call is made to your work number it will ring on your cell phone,
You will see the incoming number or the main number from FVTC 920-735-5600.
Simply answer as you normally answer your cell phone.  Please be aware there are too many variables associated with telephony in today's technology to be able to guarantee that caller ID will display the actual caller phone number.  This is due to the number of phone service providers and connection media that a call has to transfer through before a call can reach from caller to receiver.  

 ***TWO NOTES***:
If you decline the call or if your phone is off when a call is received, you will get a voicemail MESSAGE TO YOUR CELL PHONE VOICEMAIL.
If you let the phone ring until voicemail picks up, you will get a voicemail MESSAGE WILL TO YOUR FVTC VOICEMAIL.

This is caused by how the call is paired out to your cell phone.  When the call is received at the FVTC phone system, it places a second call to your cell phone to transfer the call to your cell.  The system is looking for the call to be answered within a set amount of time before your cell phone voicemail answers.  When your cell voicemail answers early (due to declined call, phone off, or just no reception), the FVTC phone system sees this as a regular answer and completes the call transfer to your cell.

How to place a call using the Twinning feature to my cell phone:

  1. Open the MiCollab client on your PC, or go to
  2. Make sure your status is set to Twinning
  3. In the Search or Dial box enter the person’s name (for internal or saved contacts only), 4 digit extension, or a 10 digit phone number (do not include a 9 prefix) and press enter.
    Search or Dial screen shot

  4. Dialing will be displayed   
    Dialing icon screen shot
  5. Your cell phone will receive a call from your work number, you must answer.
  6. After answering your cell phone, the number you entered in step 3 will be called and will show as coming from your work number, not cell number.

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