OneDrive | Files On-Demand on Windows

OneDrive Files On-Demand helps you access all your files in OneDrive without having to download all of them and use storage space on your Windows device.
Note: Computers at Fox Valley Technical College have the feature Files On-Demand turned ON by default (This is enforced by Policy). On personally owned devices you can turn this feature on or off at your discretion.

When you turn on Files On-Demand, you’ll see all your files in File Explorer and get new information about each file. New files created online or on another device appear as online-only files, which don’t take up space on your device. When you’re connected to the Internet, you’ll be able to use the files like every other file on your device.

Your files will have these statuses in File Explorer:

  • A blue cloud icon next to a OneDrive file or folder indicates that the file is only available online. Online-only files don’t take up space on your computer. You see a cloud icon for each online-only file in File Explorer, but the file doesn’t download to your device until you open it. You can’t open online-only files when your device isn’t connected to the Internet.
Example 1
  • When you open an online-only file, it downloads to your device and becomes a locally available file. You can open a locally available file anytime, even without Internet access. If you need more space, you can change the file back to online only. Just right-click the file and select “Free up space.”
example 2
  • Only files that you mark as "Always keep on this device" have the green circle with the white check mark. These always available files download to your device and take up space, but they’re always there for you even when you’re offline.
example 3

Files On-Demand FAQ

Q: How do I mark a file or folder for "Always keep on this device"?
A:Right click the folder or file you want to make sure is always available for offline use and select 'Always keep on this device'

Q: Does changing a file to online-only delete the file from my OneDrive?
A: No, changing a file to online-only doesn't delete it from your OneDrive. The file no longer takes up space on your device, and you will still be able to see the file from OneDrive mobile apps or on the website.

The Information above was used from Microsoft - for more information please visit the full help article from Microsoft HERE

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