Logging into your Mitel Desk Phone

This a quick reference to getting logged into your Mitel Desk Phone.

To log into your desk phone:

  1. Press the button below where it says Hot Desk.  
  2. Mitel Phone
  3. It will prompt you to Enter Extension. 
    1. Enter your 4 digit extension and then press enter.
  4. Then it will prompt you to Enter PIN.
    1. You need to put in your 4 digit code and press enter. 
      1. If you don't remember you code, try the default 1234. 
      2. If that doesn't work, email either Brad Hinzman, brad.hinzman7481@fvtc.edu or Brent Schuettpelz, brent.schuettpelz@fvtc.edu to reset your PIN. 

That should get you logged into your phone and then you should be able to make calls.

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