Accessing MyHR with a Virtual Desktop

Instructions to Access MyHR from off campus from any computer.

MyHR Access Update

MyHR should now be accessible from off campus.  If you are still having issues, you can try the following instructions:

Step-by-step instructions to access MyHR from Off-Campus

  1. Go to this site:
    Or manually from > Staff > MyHR

  2. Log in with your staff ID (without of "") and your password.
    Log in screen for Citrix

  3. On the next screen, please click on Use Light Version. 
    Screen shot of log in screen where the "Light Version" link is found

  4. It will default to virtual Desktops in the top bar.
    Screen shot of Desktops as default on login

  5. Then you have two options:
    • Double click on the computer screen icon, or
    • Click on the down arrow and click on open
      Screen Shot of the Win 10 General icon and open link

  6. A new tab will show up next to your login page with "Windows 10 General" listed
    Screen Shot of multiple tabs open

  7. Keep in mind this is SEPARATE from your personal computer or device desktop, but you are now "on campus" computer wise.
    Some ways to tell you're in a virtual desktop:
    • The Computer name in the box on your desktop will start with CTXVDG
      Screen shot of sample virtual comptuer name

    • You will see two separate Start Menus if you're on a Windows 10 machine. 
      The yellow arrow is the local machine, while the blue arrow is the virtual deskop
      Screen Shot of Double start menus

    • You will see a small black half-circle at the top of your browser window
      Screen shot closeup of half moon virtual desktop icon at top of screen

  8. Once you are logged in, click on the Google Chrome icon on the virtual deskop, or click on your Start menu and go to Google Chrome
    Screen shot of start menu with chrome in search

  9. Go to > Staff > MyHR and sign in as you normally would and get your Duo prompt, call or use a code.
    You'll continue to see the black half-circle at the top of the site too
    Screen Shot of top of with half moon circle at the top

  10. Sign out of MyHR when complete.

  11. Then sign out of the Virtual Desktop. 
    Go to your Start Menu on the VIRTUAL DESKTOP and click on your avatar, which will give you the Sign Out option. 
    Screen shot of start menu, after clicking on avatar to get the Sign out option

  12. Once complete the tab will AUTOMATICALLY close and you're done!

Additional Help

If you have further questions, please contact the FVTC Helpdesk

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