Collaboration Mobile cart

Collaboration Mobile cart

1. Connect to power

Unwind the power cable located on the left hand side of the cart to plug into an outlet.

2. Power on devices

Make sure the computer is powered on.

The power light (is also the power button) on the camera should be green and the red laser pointer will also help indicate the camera is powered on.


3. Launch Application

Login to the computer normally and launch the Visualizer application by clicking the Start menu and typing a quick search for 'visualizer'


Once the Visualizer application launches, you can click the Full Screen button in the upper-right to fill the screen with the document camera image. 

Clicking within the image toggles the control buttons on-and-off.

Additional tips for advanced features within the Visualizer application can be learned in the following video tutorial.


4. Control the Camera

Use the provided remote, located in the cart drawer to zoom in and out.

5. (Optional) Attach to Large display

To display on a lager monitor or TV simply plug in an HDMI cable on the right hand side of the laptop and run it to an HDMI input on the TV or monitor. Then select the Input on the TV or monitor to view.

6. Record or broadcast speech

To communicate to remote participants or to record your voice check out the following steps.

Attach and Power on

1. Remove the body pack and lavaliere microphone from the charging station located on the top of the instructor station.


2. Clip the body pack to your belt or a sturdy piece of clothing.


3. Place the lavaliere microphone approx. 6 inches from you mouth, near your sternum.


4. Once the microphone and body back are in place the body pack can be powered on using the power button located on the top of the body pack.


Note: Now you can launch the software for recording or streaming you lecture. This will give you the freedom to move about the room while ensuring your audio is steady and clear for the recording or live stream.

Kaltura Capture

Using Kaltura Capture Software For Faculty

Kaltura Capture can be used to record a video of your web camera, your screen, or both.  It will allow 

you to record a video of any length of time.  There are three steps you need to complete:

1.  Download the Kaltura Capture software if you are recording off-campus.

2.  Record and upload your video.

3.  Place your video in an assignment, discussion board, or other location in your course.

Downloading the Kaltura Capture Software (One Time on non-FVTC Computers)

This software is already installed on all FVTC computers. You only need to install the software on a home computer, if needed.

1.  From My Courses, click My Media.


2.  Click Add New, Kaltura Capture.


3.  The following page will be displayed.  Click the appropriate download button.


After the software has been downloaded, you can record and upload your video.

Recording and Uploading Your Video

1.  From My Courses, click My Media.


2.  Click Add New, Kaltura Capture.


3.  Click Open URL:Kaltura-Pe...pture Protcol.


4.  The following software will appear.  (If you need to open your software, find and open Kaltura Capture.)


5. Make sure the web camera and screen is setup correctly.  To turn off the camera, click the camera icon. 


6. Make sure the Audio is setup correctly.


7.  Select the correct screen, if needed.


8.  Click Select Area.


9.  Select the size you wish to record, then click Confirm.


10.  Click the Start Recording button to begin recording.  (The Start Recording button is the round red button.)


11.  The timer will count down and you will begin recording.  The following controls will appear in the lower right.


12.  Click Stop when you are done recording.

13.  The Kaltura Capture dialog box will appear.  Change the Title to be descriptive.  Click Save & Upload.


14.  The video will be uploaded.  Notice the progress bar.


15.  Once the video has been uploaded, a link will appear. 


Adding the Video to Your Course

You can add your video from My Media to your course.  It can be added to an announcement, in a 

discussion board, as an item in a content button, and even as feedback to a student.

1.  While editing an item click Mashups, Kaltura Media.


2. Select My Media, Media Gallery, or Shared Repository.


3.  Narrow your search using filters or the Search Media Field.


4.  When you have found the appropriate video, click Embed.


5.  The video will be inserted into your item.  When you are finished, click Submit.

Getting a Link from Your Video to Share

1.  From My Courses, click My Media.


2.  Click the title or video thumbnail.


3.  Hover over the video and click the Share button.


4. Click in the link field. Press Cntrl+C to copy link. 


5.  You can then paste the link where you need it in or out of Blackboard.


Power off and Charge

Once you are finished with the class, power off the body pack and place it back onto the charger. Make sure the charging light turns on to ensure the device is ready for the next user.



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