OneDrive | Connecting to submit your Bb Assignments from Office 365 ONLINE access

THIS PAGE VIEWED BEST IN CHROME- For online only users of Office 365, this document will help you upload assignments to your instructors

For many FVTC students, the versions of Office products available for you to use are ONLY the online versions.  
This document can help you easily submit your online assignments directly into Bb from OneDrive

There are two steps.  

Step one must be done for each instructor
Step two must be done inside of Blackboard when you submit

STEP ONE:  Set Permissions in One Drive

You must first give permissions for others to see a shared folder in OneDrive.  For this example, we recommend creating a separate "Assignments Folder" or similar type of folder.

  1. Sign in to Office 365 and click on the Maroon Login button.

  2. Once logged in you'll see a similar screen as shown below.

  3. Click on the OneDrive icon on the left side.

    PLEASE NOTE! You can also access Word or any other Office product online by clicking on the icons on the left.

  4. Click on the down arrow by New, and select Folder.

  5. Name your folder.  Then click on the Create button (it will turn blue after you type a few characters).
  6. Find on the three dots next to your new folder name.
    You'll notice they appear when you hover over the folder name and a tool tip will pop up that says Show Actions.

  7. Click on the three dots and then select Manage Access.

  8. Begin typing your instructors name below Grant Access.  Once the name appears, click on it.

  9. You can type a message, as your instructor will get an email.
    Or you can de-select the Notify People check box.
    Click on the Grant Access button to give your instructors access to JUST this folder in your OneDrive.

STEP TWO: Attach Link to Assignment in Blackboard

Once your instructor has permission to that folder, you can easily submit your assignments to them.
Remember to move or drag your assignment into the folder you gave them permission to view in STEP ONE.

  1. Open Blackboard and click on the Assignment link you need to submit.

  2. Once selected, the following should appear.  Click on Browse Cloud Service.

  3. Select OneDrive for Business.

  4. Enter your student ID, followed by in the following prompt.
  5. That will take you to the FVTC sign in.  Enter your password.

  6. Accept the Bb Agreement.

  7. You should now see the Folder you previously created!  Select the folder and select your Assignment.

  8. Click on the Submit button on Blackboard to complete your assignment submission.

Any questions on this process, please contact the FVTC Helpdesk:
Tele: (920.735.5644) or email (

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