Outlook | Sending email from a Shared Mailbox

If you have a shared mailbox assigned to your account - this is how you send an email from a account different than your own.
From the Outlook application on a computer:
  1. Click on New Email.
  2. Click on the Options tab.
  3. In the Show Fields section, click on From to turn it grey and cause the From box to appear in your email.
    Screen shot of Show Fields

  4. Click on the dropdown on the From to select the account you wish to use
    Screen Shot of From Box

    PLEASE NOTE!  This is a global setting every time you start a new email in Outlook.

In the O365 Outlook mail on the web:
  1. Click on New Message
  2. Click the three dots to the right of Discard in the top row of options.
    Screen shot of Show from box

  3. Click Show From
  4. To change the sending email address, click on From
    Screen Shot of from box in OWA

  5. Click Other email address
  6. Type the address of the shared inbox you would like to send from.

    PLEASE NOTE!  This setting does NOT hold in the web version of Outlook.  This process will need to be followed each time an email is sent from a shared inbox.

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