Classroom AV System

This article will show how to navigate and control the classroom AV system.

Starting the classroom

1. Locate the touch panel and tap the screen to see the system power page.

2. Tap the Turn System On button.

screenshot of main page

3. Wait for system to finish booting.

Selecting a source

1. Tap one of the available sources located on the left of the touch panel.

screeshot showing source selection

Note: The active source will appear different in color. Ex.. desktop is the selected source in the picture above.

Laptop is for VGA (analog) connections, for audio use the headphone jack with the VGA connection.

image of VGA connectionimage of audio connection

HDMI (Digital)

image of HDMI conneciton

Adjust room volume

1. On the right hand side of the touch panel is an up arrow (volume up), down arrow (volume down).

screenshot to show volume controls

2. Mute the sound with the Mute button

screenshot to show mute button

Projector Control

1. Tap Utility in the upper right hand corner of the touch panel.

screenshot to show utility button

2. This is where you can control the power on and off of the projector only.

screenshot of projector power page

3. Tap Image Mute. This will blackout the projector, but the projector is still powered on.

screenshot to show image mute

Shutdown the classroom

1. Tap Exit in the lower right hand corner to show the shutdown page.

screenshot showing exit button

2. Tap Shutdown Room Now.

screenshot of shutdown confirmation page

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