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Here's a quick way to check your voicemail via the web
Sign In to the MiCollab Web Portal
  • Open a web browser (Chrome) and go to
  • Log in with FVTC username and password
  • On the left you will see Mailbox #### with your extension number
Organize Your Greetings
  • Click on Mailbox ####
  • Click on Greetings  (This is one of the five tabs on top)
  • Select a greeting by checking the box next to the Greeting #
  • You can change the name of a greeting for easier management.  
    • Check the box next to it and click rename.  
    • Create an easy to remember greetings such as standard, vacation, conference, etc.
Record Greetings
  • Record greetings using your desk phone and web portal together.
  • Select the greeting you would like to record
  • Click the record button
  • A pop up window will open saying it is waiting for your call.  
    • You can press the voicemail button or dial 8000 on your desk phone.  
    • There will not be an audible ring, but you will see the record button in the pop up window become active when the call connects. 
    • OFF SITE? 
      • Dial 920-225-5959, wait for the voice and press *.  
      • Wait for automated voice, enter mailbox number and press *.  
      • You will see the pop up box message change to show it is connected to the call.  
  • You can now press the record button on the pop up window to start recording the new message and stop and save the message.  
Activate Greetings
  • You can have up to four pre-recorded messages.
  • Select the message you want callers to hear
  • Click the drop down box next to “Active Greeting” and pick the greeting to use.  
  • Then click Activate Greeting.

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