Teams | How to schedule a Teams Meeting

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Using the Outlook Application on your computer

There are two ways to create a team meeting in Outlook.
    1. The first way is by creating the appointment FIRST and then add a Teams Meeting link
      • Click on New Appointment
            New Appointment Icon in outlook

      • Set your date, time and invitees
            New Appointment Details in outlook

      • Click on Teams Meeting in the Ribbon of the appointment window.
            Teams Icon in Meeting notice ribbon

      • Fill in your meeting details, including title, attendees and other meeting information.  
            Teams link in meeting invite

      • Press Send to invite attendees.

  1. OR the Second way is to click directly on the Team Meeting Icon in the Ribbon of your calendar view.

    • In your Calendar View in Outlook, look for and click Directly on Teams Meeting Icon in the Ribbon
          Teams Icon in Outllook Ribbon

    • That click will automatically open up a new calendar appointment with the Teams Meeting already embedded in the appointment notice.

    • Fill in your meeting details (date, times, attendees, etc) as normal.Link will automatically appear and you can set you meeting parameters

    • Press Send to invite attendees.

Using Office 365 in a web browser

  1. Go to in a web browser window.

  2. Click on Staff Login.

  3. Click on Office 365.

  4. Click on Login.

  5. Enter you FVTC staff sign in and Password.

  6. Provide Duo Authentication.

  7. Click on the Outlook icon.
    Screen shot of the outlook icon
  8. Click on your calendar icon at the bottom left hand corner.
    Screen shot of calendar icon
  9. Click on New Event.
    Screen shot of New event icon
  10. Add your meeting details, including meeting title, attendees and date and time.
    Screen shot of basic meeting details

  11. Click on More Options in this window.

  12. Click on the Teams Meeting switch to enable a Teams Meeting.
    Screen shot of more options window

  13. Click on Send to invite your attendees.

Using the Calendar option in the Teams Application

  1. Launch Microsoft Teams on your computer

  2. Click the Calendar icon of the left hand side.
    Screen shot of calendar icon in Teams

  3. Click on the desired date and time for your meeting to create new meeting event.
    PLEASE NOTE: You can change the date at the top of the page.

  4. Enter your meeting details, such as title, attendees, description etc.
    Screen shot of Teams meeting detials

  5. IF NEEDED - enter a Teams Channel to invite
    This would be used if you'd like the meeting posts, notes and recording to be accessible in this Channel.
    Screen shot of adding a Teams Channel

  6. Click Send to invite your attendees

Using the Chat option in the Teams Application

  1. Launch your Teams Application on your computer.

  2. Click on Chat.
    Screen shot of chat icon

  3. Select the person you wish to schedule a meeting with.

  4. Click on the meeting icon at the bottom of the chat history.
    Screen shot of Teams meeting icon in chat

  5. Fill in meeting details, such as date, time, title and description (including adding other attendees if you wish.

  6. Click Send to invite attendees.

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