Connecting to FVTC's Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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The VPN service at FVTC provides access to network resources from off-campus locations. 
Once connected to VPN, on  a college laptop or device, this will connect you to network drives (such as the O:\ drive) directly.
  1. Look in your System Tray, by clicking on the up arrow (circled) in the bottom right corner
    If you see the Cisco AnyConnect Icon -- it is installed on your machine.  Go to Step 3.
    If you don't see that - Go to Step 2

    Screen shot of the System Tray with AnyConnect Icon

  2. Click on your Start menu and simply start typing:  Cisco
    If you see the following result: Cisco Any Connect Secure Mobility Client-App -- it is installed on you computer, Go to Step 3.

    Screen shot of the Cisco Anyconnect search results

  3. Click on the icon in the system tray in Step 1 OR click on the app in the Search results from Step 2 to see this:

    Screen shot of the AnyConnect pop up box

  4. Enter in the empty text box:

    Screen shot of the box to type in

  5. Click on Connect

    Screen shot of the Connect box

  6. Enter in your User ID and Password

    If needing elevated VPN access, and you have been provided an Admin account, enter that ID and Password. Otherwise, use your standard ID and Password.

  7. Enter in your Duo Authentication information

    Screen shot of the typical Duo prompts

  8. Click on the Accept banner.

    Screen shot of the Accept baner

  9. You can verify you are connected by clicking on the up arrow to reveal your hidden icons in the System Tray.
    You should see a small lock by the AnyConnect icon.

    Screen shot of the System Tray with the VPN Connected

  10. FINALLY! When you are done using VPN for the day (O drive access, or password change), please remember to Disconnect. Simply go back to your System Tray and clicking on that arrow and then click on the AnyConnect Icon:

    Screen shot of the System tray to being disconnecting VPN

  11. Click on Disconnect when you are done using the session.

    Screen shot of the Disconnect button

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