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List of current Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my PIN?

Give the helpdesk a call at 920-735-5644 or send them an email. They will reset it for you.

How do I redo my voicemail message?

Depending on where you are, you should be able to use one of the following links to access your voicemail.  Using the web access will give you the greatest control to keep your current greeting and record additional greetings to change back and fourth.

Mitel | Voicemail Access > Using your office desk phone
Mitel | Voicemail Access > Using any off campus phone
Mitel | Voicemail Access > Using the web

How do I get a MiCollab Authorization Key?

You can do this yourself!

  1. Make sure that your MiCollab is running on your computer.
  2. Go to this website:  (This is your MiCollab access on the web).
  3. Log in using your staff username (nine digit ID number only) and password.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. It should default to the General Settings in the center column.
  6. Click on Self Deployment on the right column of options.
  7. Click on the QR code and it will authorize your MiCollab on your desktop.
  8. When you are prompted for a password, use your regular FVTC password.
If this process does not complete properly, please contact Brad Hinzman at 920-735-5713 or

How do I activate or de-activate call forwarding from my phone?

If you wish to use your personal cell phone as if it was your office phone, you need to Twin Your Phone

Please see this information instead:  Mitel | Twinning - Use your personal cell phone like an office phone

Call Forwarding

To discuss call forwarding options, please contact Brad Hinzman at 920.735.5713 or email to discuss options.

How can I add 2 or more people to my phone call?

We got options for you!

Do you have just a couple of people to add?
We recommend: Mitel | Simple Conference Calls (For 1 to 3 callers)

Do you have up to 8 people to add?
We recommend: Mitel | Mid-Sized Conference Calls (Up to 8 total callers)

Do you have more than 8 people to add?
We recommend: Mitel | Large Conference Calls (For 9 to 25 callers)

Are we missing a question on this list?

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