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This page will help answer frequently asked questions on the Duo Security solution.


What is Duo, and why does FVTC use it?

Duo is a security application that requires our users to provide a second form for authentication. FVTC is using MFA (Multifactor authentication) to provide better security for our applications and data.

Who is required to use Duo at FVTC?

Presently all employees of the college are required to use Duo MFA.

There are no active plans for having FVTC students use Duo.

What Applications use Duo when logging in, and which ones are coming?

  1. PeopleSoft (MyFVTC, HR, and finance) – Uses Append Mode
  2. Perceptive Content 
  3. Blackboard Drive 

What is Append Mode and how does it work with PeopleSoft or Perceptive Content?

Append mode is used when there is no button to send a push or text box to enter a duo passcode.
It uses this pattern when you enter your password:  Your Password -- A Comma -- Then a command or code

 Example:  MyPassword,push Example:  MyPassword,123456 Example:  MyPassword,phone1

Additional append mode information can be found on the official Duo Website here


Will I need to use Duo when logging onto my PC?

You do NOT need to use Duo when logging onto FVTC or Personal computers. This would include "unlocking" FVTC computers after they have auto locked from the activity timeout.

How do I set up Duo?

Please refer to our setup page here >>  Duo | Setup

How do I add extra devices for Duo?

Login to the staff portal at staff.fvtc.edu and click manage Duo settings

Can I use my personal phone for Duo?

You can use any personal phone for Duo. If you have a smart phone you can install the Duo app, or you can use it as just a regular phone to receive SMS and/or phone calls for the second form of authentication.

If I use my personal device, can FVTC see everything on my phone?

No, the only information we can see is your phone number and the OS installed on your phone.

What if I don't want to use a personal device?

We have two options we would recommend:

  1. You can request a hardware token from the FVTC Help Desk.  This is a small device, similar to a grocery store keytag you can attach to a key ring or just carry with you.  This token device will generate a 6 digit code you will need to type in when you are prompted for it. The advantage for you is you can carry the device wherever you go.
  2. You can also set up Duo to use your desk phone.  The disadvantage to this option is if you are not are your desk, you won't be able to get access to systems affected by Duo.

I own a Yubikey, can I use that?

Some YubiKeys do work with Duo. Please submit an IT work order if you would like to use your YubiKey with Duo

Where can I get help with Duo ?

This FAQ list is one option, or try the following:

  1. Duo also has a Common Issues section on their website here
  2. The FVTC Helpdesk can also provide assistance at  (920) 735-5644 or helpdesk@fvtc.edu.

    I don't have my device with me, how can I login?

    Please contact the FVTC help desk for assistance by phone at (920) 735-5644.

    Does Email work with the built in Mac mail app when using Duo?

    You must have MacOS 10.14 installed if you want to use the built in mail app with your FVTC email account when duo is enabled. Another option is to use the official Outlook desktop Application from Microsoft. If you need help installing this, please check with the FVTC help desk.

    Email stopped working on your Phone?

    Please see our document on fixing this here

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