How to change the From when sending Mail Merge

This document with help with how to change the From when sending Mail Merge via Word

The mail merge built into Word doesn’t allow you to select a From

You have to be running Outlook with the primary profile set up as the account you want to send from

Note: You must have Send As permissions to the email you want to send from.


Create the Profile

  1. In Outlook go to File > Account Settings > Manage Profiles
  2. Click Show Profiles
  3. Click New
  4. Click Add
  5. Enter a name for the profile (such as the name of the shared mailbox you want to send from) and click OK
  6. For the email, enter the email address you want to send From and click Next (leave password blank)
  7. When prompted to Sign In, enter your own FVTC ID including for the username
  8. Complete the wizard
  9. On the Mail screen click OK to close it

Mail Merge

  1. Before you start the Mail Merge in Word, in Outlook go to File > Account Settings > Change Profile
  2. Click OK to close Outlook
  3. Restart Outlook and select the appropriate profile
  4. Start the Mail Merge in Word and it will send From the address of the profile that Outlook is running


  • You have to leave Outlook running as that profile while it sends the mail merge so would need to use Outlook Web Access to access your own email during that time, or do the mail merge from a Citrix Desktop so you can use your computer as normal
  • Can send up to 10,000 emails in a 24-hour period so if sending mail merge to more than 10,000 emails, or more than 10,000 when combined with other messages coming from that sender, must send over several days in order to keep under the limit, otherwise messages will fail and sender will be blocked from sending until under 10,000 sent messages in a 24-hour period

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