Boardroom Conferencing System

Learn to operate FVTC’s Boardroom, Microsoft’s Teams, and Crestron’s Room Control for meetings and presentations.

Starting Boardroom

1.Room Control IconTo start Boardroom tap the Room Control icon found on Microsoft Teams.

Room control button location
     Power on Boardroom before starting a Teams meeting to activate displays, cameras & mics! 

2. Tap Start button to activate the TVs, Microphones and cameras in the Boardroom.

Start Icon
                     After 60 seconds of inactivity the Teams Page will display
                              To return back tap the Room Control iconRoom Control Icon

3. Video tab iconThe Video Page has options for computer inputs, cameras and volume.

                     For BYOD devices select either AirMedia or Table Inputs

4. Video Tab Icon Volume controls are located in lower left corner of Video Page.


Video Volume is used to control the volume in the room from the presentation device.

Teams volume is to control the in room volume of the remote participants.

5. Phone tab IconSelect the Phone tab to place call or dial a four digit extension.


6. Display control tab iconTap the Display tab to turn on or off individual room monitors.

                          Toggle between Microsoft Teams and Room Control by
                         tapping on the Black Boarder or Room Control icon.        


Crestron Flex and Microsoft Teams

Some FVTC conferences rooms are enabled with the Crestron Flex Meeting Room Control System.

For reference below, we'll refer to these rooms as Microsoft Teams Rooms
Click on a topic below to expand the topic and learn more:

Basic operations for the touchscreen console

Teams console

The touchscreen console in a meeting room is the heart of every meeting. It automatically wakes up when it detects motion. On the screen, there are a few things you can do:

  • Join a scheduled meeting by selecting the meeting.
    Note: To get a meeting to show up on the room console, organizers should set the room as the meeting location.
  • Start a new meeting by selecting the New Meeting icon.  Meeting icon

  • Make a phone call by selecting Dial pad Dial pad icon  and dialing a number.
    Note: Do not dial "9" to get an outside line and 4 digit extensions cannot be used. To allow multiple participants to call in, dial the conference bridge with the Room system and give the participants the conference bridge phone number to then join the meeting.

  • Project your laptop by plugging in the cable connected to the console. Depending on the room settings, it may be projected to the room automatically, or you may have to select Present Present Icon on the room console.

  • Select More More Icon to invite the room to a meeting, or change settings.

When you're in a meeting, you'll have options to manage your camera and mic, share content, add participants, adjust volume and end the call. (Those features listed below).

Active meeting view

Ways to create, add or update Meetings

Use Outlook to reserve a Microsoft Teams Room

  1. Open Outlook, and go to your calendar.

  2. Select New Teams Meeting in the Teams Meeting section or New Meeting, then Teams Meeting.

  3. Select Room Finder in the meeting scheduler or type the conference room email address.

  4. Select Show a room list and find a building or list.

  5. Choose a room from the list of available rooms.

  6. Complete the meeting invitation as you would for any other meeting before sending.

Use Teams to add a Microsoft Teams Room to an existing meeting

This is useful if you're already in the Microsoft Teams Room.

  1. Join the meeting from your personal device or laptop.

  2. Select Invite More People.

  3. Search for the room name (it's on the touchscreen), and select OK.

  4. Accept the call on the touchscreen to join the meeting.

Start an unscheduled meeting

Meetings can be started without an official meeting notice (from Outlook or Teams)
You can do this directly from the touchscreen!
Please make sure you don't schedule over the top of an existing meeting before using this option.

  1. Select New meeting  Meet Now Icon on the touchscreen.

    Start New Meeting touchscreen

  2. Under Type a name or number, find the people you want to invite.

  3. Select people to add them to the list of invitees.

  4. After all the people you want to invite are on the list, select Invite. Your meeting will begin automatically.

    Note: Do not dial "9" to get an outside line and 4 digit extensions cannot be used. To allow multiple participants to call in, dial the conference bridge with the Room system and give the participants the conference bridge phone number to then join the meeting..

Add a participants to an existing meeting

  1. In the meeting, type the name of the participant you want to add in the search bar.

  2. Select the participant's name from the search results.

    Search for participant to add
  3. Select Request to join.

Request to join

Pin a participant

When you want to focus on specific participant(s), select their name(s) on the room console, then Pin for me.

Note: This will only pin the video for the room, not for others in the meeting.

Remove a participant from the meeting

To remove someone from a meeting, select their name on the room console, then Remove from meeting.

How to join and leave Meetings

Join a Scheduled Meeting for that Microsoft Teams Room

On the touchscreen, you should see your meeting listed (if you invited the room using the steps above).
Select Join to access the meeting.

Screen shot of the join button

Any meetings currently happening are at the top of the list. After a meeting ends, it'll stay on the screen for a little while so you can easily join again if you need to.

If a scheduled meeting doesn't appear on the console (or if the meeting tile shows More optionsMore icon  instead of Join), you will need to invite the room or add the room on your personal device. (please open the next section for these steps).

Join a scheduled meetings that's not listed on the touchscreen

  1. Join the meeting on your personal device or laptop.

  2. When you're choosing your audio and video settings you have the option to add a room so you can use that room's audio and video equipment. Your personal device may even detect a nearby room using Bluetooth.

    If it does, you'll see the meeting room's name and the option to Join and add this room. If the nearby room has already joined the meeting, just select Audio off to join with your audio off and avoid disrupting the meeting.

    screen shot of adding the room

  3. If your device doesn't detect the room nearby, select Add a room under Other join options and search for the room you're using.

    Other options for joining room

  4. If you've already joined the meeting on your personal device, you can select Show participants  Participants icon, then go to Invite someone or dial a number and search for the room name. Then, select the room and OK to call in into the meeting.

  5. The room will ring. To join the meeting, select Accept on the room console.

    Note: Make sure the audio on your personal device is off before you accept the call on the room console, or you could cause echo.

Leave a meeting

Select Leave meeting on the room console to leave a meeting.

Optionally, you can rate the call quality for your meeting on the touchscreen using a scale of 1 - 5 stars..

How to Share Content

Share your screen with only the room participants

To share your desktop with in-room meeting participants, just connect your personal device to the appropriate cable connected to the room console.

Depending on your room settings, your screen may be shared automatically, or you may have to select Present  Present icon  on the room console..

Share your screen with all meeting participants.

There are two ways to share with both in-room and online participants from a personal device or laptop:

  1. Join the meeting on your personal device or laptop and select Share Teams Share icon , then select the screen or app you want to share. 
  2. Connect your personal device to the cable connected to the room touchscreen. Depending on your room settings, your screen may be shared automatically or you may have to select Share Share Icon, on the room touchscreen.

Stop sharing your desktop

Select Stop Presenting on either your Teams Meeting or on the touchscreen (depending on how you began sharing above).

Other Features

Make a phone call

  1. Select Dial pad  dial icon on the room console.

  2. Dial a number, and then select Call.

    Note: Do not dial "9" to get an outside line and 4 digit extensions cannot be used. To allow multiple participants to call in, dial the conference bridge with the Room system and give the participants the conference bridge phone number to then join the meeting.

Meeting Management Options

  •  Pin a participants's video 
    When there are multiple people sharing video in a meeting and you want to see one person’s video on your room display, select their name on the room console, then Pin
    Note: This will only pin the video for the room, not for others in the meeting.

  • Remove a participant from the meeting 
    To remove someone from a meeting, select their name on the room console, then Remove participant.

  • Participate in the meeting chat 
    Select Conversation on the room console.
     Go to Type a message, use the keyboard to type a message, and then tap Send or press the Enter key.

  • Manage audio
    Select Mic Microphone icon on the room console to mute or unmute the room mic.
    Select Volume up or Volume down to adjust the speaker volume or mute the speaker.
    Mute participants by going to Participants, selecting a name, and then Mute participant.

  • Manage video 
    Select Camera Camera icon on the room console to turn the room camera on and off.
    Choose which video device you want to use, or tap Camera Off to stop streaming the room's video.

  • Remove uploaded content 
    If you leave the meeting room before your scheduled meeting time has ended, you can remove any content that you uploaded for the presentation.
    Go to Content on the room console and select the content that you want to remove.
    Select Remove.

Using Boardroom Computer

1. FloatingVideo.PNGSelect PC on Video page to use the Boardroom computer.                                    

               If touch panel is idol more than 60 secs it'll return to Teams Page.
               Press Room Control icon to return to the room control page.RC.PNG

2. Tap Enable Camera Here to the right of PC to enable the cameras to connect to the in room PC. This will allow the user to login to teams and join the meeting and use the in room cameras and microphones with the PC.      

3. Choose Camera 1 or Camera 2 to view. Controls are located in center of page. 

4. Cam.PNGTo preview a camera on a computer use the Windows camera app. 
               Search for "Camera" in the Start menu. 

5. To program a Preset button press, hold then rename when the keyboard screen appears.

6. To control a camera during a meeting, select the Three Dots and select Room Controls.


7. This takes you to the Video Page with Camera Controls.                               


              Remember to tap Black Border to get back to the Teams Page!

8. sssshhhhhbbbb.PNGWhen meeting is over go to Control Page and tap Shutdown button in the upper righthand corner.



9. Next tap Shutdown.



Using Table Inputs for Laptop

1. Select Table Inputs on the Video Control pageFloatingVideo.PNGwhen using a laptop.

            !If Touch Panel is idol 60 secs it will return to the Teams Page window.
Press the controlRC.PNGicon in lower corner to
return to room control. 

2. All table inputs have HDMI ports. Push down on flush mount door to open
    connection tray. HDMI cables are provide in drawer by the wall phone.

3. Tap the Enable Camera Here tab to activate cameras. 

4. Chose camera 1 or camera 2 to view on room displays or computer screen. 
    The camera controls are located in the center of page. 

5. To view camera on computer use the Windows Camera app, search "Camera". ca2.PNG

6. Table Inputs 2 & 6 have camera control. Connect laptop USB port to pop up connections to use the cameras for the connected laptop. USB cables are provided in a drawer by wall phone. 

7. To program a Preset button press, hold, and then rename.

8. To control a camera during a meeting tap the Touch Panel.  
    Next select the Three Dots and select Room Controls.



9. This takes you to Video Page and Camera Controls.


                     Remember to tap Black Border to get back to the Teams Page

10.sssshhhhhbbbb.PNGWhen meeting is over go to Control Page and tap Shutdown button.


11. Next tap Shutdown and log off computer.


Using the AirMedia App

1. Select the AirMedia tab on Video page.FloatingVideo.PNG



AirMedia Touchless Presentation

Start Presenting To A Room Display

1. First find the Visit web address and Presentation Code on the bottom corner of
    your room display used to connect to the display and begin presenting your screen. 

*Make sure your device is connected to the colleges wireless network!



2. Enter Visit address into a browser. This displays the AirMedia
welcome screen. Tap Start Presenting to share your screen.


3. Next tap the Open Crestron AirMedia button.

4. Enter presentation code to display screen.


5. Don't have the App? A link to download AirMedia for Windows is available on
    bottom of page. Click to download file and install app. 

   2.3.png 7.png

        Use the Click Here link at bottom for other AirMedia options: iOS, Mac, Android...

Inside Crestron AirMedia Software (Windows)

1. Upon launching the Crestron AirMedia software you will be brought to the main landing page.

AM Home Page

2. Once the software is loaded, enter ONLY the IP address of the device you are trying to connect to in the search bar. For example, you would only enter the following into the search bar based on the picture:   

AMIPAddress    AMSearchBar

3. You will then be brought to the "Enter code" screen. Enter the code that is displayed on the screen. If you do not see the code in the bottom left, it may pop up in the center of the screen after a few seconds. 


4. You will then be sharing your screen.

Tip 1. If you frequently use the same room and device, there is a clock icon and a star icon that could be helpful. The clock icon is for recently connected devices and the star icon is for favorited devices.


Tip 2. To favorite a device go under the "recent" tab or the clock icon, and you will see a list of devices. Make sure the number matches the number on the display you are trying to connect to and click the grey star to the left. It will now turn yellow and show up in the "favorite" tab or the star icon. 


Using The Presentation Controls

1. Presentation Controls will automatically start along with the AirMedia app installer.


2. The Presentation Controls:

    Dock.PNG Start or stop presenting.                   |    Pause.PNG Click to pause or resume  

    Mute.PNG Mute / unmute presentation audio. | Disconnect.PNG Click to end your presentation.        

3. Using Dual Monitors? A yellow boarder highlights the screen currently used in your presentation.
Select the source to display using screen sharing in Presentation controls.

ScreenSharing.PNG Screenshare2112.PNG 

AirMedia Canvas

How to share content with multiple devices in a presentation using AirMedia.

1. Connection information will continue to be visible while presenting allowing a second device to connect and display in a split screen format.


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